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Welcome to The Shakespearience Group! 

Here at The Shakespearience Group we like to give our audiences a real Shakespearience - that is, a fantastic experience with the Bard himself, good ole William Shakespeare. We aim to create a different kind of experience with each project we undertake. Our inaugural performance of Fortune's Fools in 2014 was an adaptation which sought to create an experience of family bonds between females on the subject of madness, with some focus on diagnosis. We hope to eventually offer local opportunities for learning and performance to communities in St. John's NL, & Burlington, Mississauga, and Toronto ON, that are rooted some way in EXPERIENCE. 

Our 2015 production of â€‹Twelfth Night seeks to open up the experience of Shakespeare to the community, not just as audience members but as players. Our production boasts two casts (Youth and Adult) of Burlington, Hamilton, Guelph, Oakville & Mississauga community members ranging in age and experience. They were exposed to the technique of classical performance, some tricks of the trade for Shakespeare's verse, and an intense rehearsal period. We added to this community experience some Original Practice exploration with popular music. Shakespeare wrote his lyrics for songs in his plays to popular songs of his era, so we decided to adapt those lyrics to songs of the 60's & 70's for our Groovy production... 

As you can tell, our projects seek to entertain, and inform through content, style, aesthetic, and more. We certainly hope that you'll take the opportunity to get The Full Shakespearience yourself!!! 

St. John's, NL

Burlington, Mississauga, Toronto, ON

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