Workshop pricing is dependant upon the number of participants and travel. Workshops are available in the GTA, ON. and in St. John's, NL. Visit our "Hire us" page to book a workshop or to request further information. 

The Sonnet Shakespearience

​The Shakespearience Group recognizes the beauty of Shakespeare's poetry, and this is clearly evident in his Sonnets. The Sonnets present an argument/story, and work their way through answers, in many cases praising someone or something in the process.  The Sonnet Shakespearience Workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to combine the elements of performance and textual analysis to uncover a Sonnet of their choosing. Drawing from both "Shakespearience Acting" and "Shakespearience the Text", The Sonnet Shakespearience will combine Elements, Archetypes, the Humours, and First Folio performance technique, with textual analysis, parts of speech, metre and rhythm so that participants will leave the workshop with a Sonnet that they could perform for their loved one for any special occasion. 

Shakespearience the Text

The Shakespearience Group believes that all great actors and scholars alike understand Shakespeare because they have found some, or perhaps all, of the little clues Shakespeare leaves in his writing to help his audience understand. That means, we'd like to share some of those things with you! The Shakespearience the Text Workshop is primarily based in textual analysis and discussion, though reading aloud will be a large part of the workshop. Participants in this workshop will learn about parts of speech, rhythm and metre, imagery, themes, antitheses, and more as they focus on particular passages. Participants will also explore the stages of arguments, and explore the way Shakespeare constructs arguments in different types of characters, for example between heroes and villains. This workshop can be catered to a specific play if requested, or can work on a theme as requested.

Shakespearience Acting

The Shakespearience Group are strong advocates for Shakespeare being spoken aloud and performed rather than only read and studied. The Shakespearience Acting Workshop will provide participants with the tools to speak Shakespeare's words with comfort and ease, and to feel confident performing his works. This workshop will explore early modern understandings of the Elements, Archetypes, and Humours as a way to uncover some of the active language in Shakespeare's works. It will explore rhythm and metre, as well as First Folio Technique as a means of further uncovering the active language, and allowing participants to engage physically with Shakespeare's text. Participants will leave this workshop with a new confidence in their comprehension of Shakespeare, as well as a working speech in verse that can be polished for auditions and/or performance.

"Experience is by industry achieved,

  And perfected by the swift course of time."

               - Antonio, Two Gentlemen of Verona, 2.4, 68